Writing regularly

I know I should be more regular about posting, both here and at my other site.  the purpose for that is two fold.  One, I will never have a readership (or fan base, or whatever you want to call it) unless I am posting at least semi-regularly, and two, writing anything gets the writing juices flowing, and allows me to keep up a steady output, especially when I am stuck on a story.

And right now, I am a bit stuck on the next novella in Gwydion’s story.  I know the general arc, but I am having a problem getting the story started.  And if I am bored with the beginning, I can’t expect it to interest others.

Eh, I’ll get past this.  I always do.  One method that works for me is to write the parts I do know first.  I’ve got a few thousand words down, so it continues apace.

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