Still alive, and writing

The work on “The Raven’s Children”, the fifth book in Gwydion’s story, continues slowly.  For those that might be interested, the plot for this particular section has always been a bit vague in my head, and wrestling it into submission has been even more difficult than I expected.  Then there’s the problem of several other stories in Glencairck wanting some attention, and a story that is not even fantasy but science fiction fighting for a slice of my time, and, well…

I will get it all done.  I have the first book of Taliesin nearly ready to go, but I am loathe to release it before I finish the fifth and sixth books of Gwydion.  And there is also a sequel to Cricket’s Song that is well begun, and less than half done.

Did I mention that I have a non-writing job that also takes up quite a bit of my time?  And a family?

My hero and mentor, the formidable Sarah Hoyt, can write 10,000 words on a good day.  Right now I think that would be a good month for me.  Which is why you shouldn’t compare yourselves to others, boys and girls, or hold yourself to their standards.

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