Vox Day: the two words that generate traffic

My last post concerned Marion Zimmer Bradley, and her well-documented failings as a person.  I also mentioned Orson Scott Card, and alluded to his current status as persona-non-grata among certain segments of the Science Fiction Community (the ones who have the most issue would expect the capitalization).  But I got no commentary about my stance towards either of these controversial luminaries, but about the one author whose reputation I did not even mention: Vox Day.  It was only a single comment, but it was my first, so it was a bit surprising to know that the one thing I have done so far to cause comment was to not express sufficient vitriol towards Mr. Beale.  I’ll assume that the person has reason to make me aware of their opinion of the Supreme Dark Lord, Secret Warden of the Cosmic Fifth Race, and Eternal Champion of Universópolis.  But they did not bother to share the why.

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