New Novella: Taliesin, the first bard

I seem to really like the novella length.  Every three I hope to turn into a full novel, complete with a hard copy format, but we’ll see how it goes.

For now, I have another 30,000 word story that I could use some readers for.  This story is about the founding of the Bardic order, and how Taliesin went from a druid to a bard.  Okay, this story doesn’t cover that entire history, but starts it, as the druid Taliesin is sent to Taris by the High Druid to set the priests in that city back on the proper path.  Since it is a new character, and a new time period in the history of Glancairck, it should be fairly self-contained.  Would anyone like to read it for grammar, pacing, plot, and general entertainment value?

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