Finding time to post

I understand that time is a limited commodity that is forever slipping away. And I have plenty of obligations that keep me from doing things like writing, and then publishing what I write. So I am trying to find new ways to accomplish my goals. Things like writing on my Kindle instead of using a regular computer (with a regular keyboard). And I have to figure out things like using the WordPress app.

But this is what we do. No one writes with a quill pen anymore–at least, not enough for the geese of the world to be worried. We adapt to new technologies, and create even more to cover the gaps. There is always those who refuse to give up their old methods, and there are always those that deride the old fools and their Luddite ways. It has happened before, will again, and still we make life work somehow.

I’m working on some covers, not just for my short stories, but for upcoming books as well. Since I cannot afford anything custom, I’m searching the stock photo sites. I have some good candidates, so I’m hoping to have something new published in the next two weeks. Wish me luck.

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